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Renting exhibits is our most popular service. What distinguishes Tradis Displays from other rental companies is our turnkey rental solution. This covers your entire rental experience from design to fabrication, installation to dismantle, to all show site services – all the exhibitor does is show up and do business! Why choose renting an exhibit?

  • You are able to have a new look at any show, graphics can change from show to show

  • You don’t have to worry about storage or booth maintenance between shows

  • Renting helps keep the exhibitors costs low

  • Allows you to spend more of your budget on appearance rather than structure

  • You can have an effective presence at multiple shows in the same time period

  • When you rent your exhibit, you can change your display quickly

  • This gives you the freedom to target your marketing messaging and graphics for specific trade shows.

  • Renting allows you to increase your exhibit space or layout when needed.

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